Ajaxian Article on MVC with PHP

In response to Ajaxian, I think the best you can do is stay away from trying to build a whole framework of your own, unless you are prepared to work on it full time. If you are interested in getting things done fast you'd better find the best components to build the model, the view and the controller, acording to your codign style and background. In my case that means Python+MySQL for the model, as web services, javascript for the controller and html+css for the view. As long as you keep things lousely coupled you won´t end up being the full time maintainer of yet another framework with only one user (you). I mean, choose some storage, some way to implement web services, and a viewer/controller combo and you are done. You won't get fame and fortune, but you'll probably finish your work with much less pain.

My choice is Mysql for storage, web services with JSON and Python, HTML+CSS for the view and Javascript for all the UI logic. But there are countless alternatives, just choose:


Web server + programming languaje

Communication method (JSON, SOAP, plain HTTP requests)

Some UI thing

For example, you could build the next great Web 2.0 app with:

- dbf files, Clipper running as CGI on top of IIS, JSON and Flash UI. Just joking.
- SAP + REST + HTML/CSS/Javascript
- PHP+JSON+HTML+Prototype (like I describe in this article in spanish, titled "Client-Server Arquitecture with AJAX and JSON)

This ended up being a buzzword salad...